Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Decorating Our Mantel for Fall

The garland on the mantel is a Chinese lantern plant.
Also known as strawberry tomato, winter cherry, and Physalis alkekengi.
 A perennial that I love to use for decoration in the fall. They usually turn a reddish orange in the Fall...I  picked mine early so they are green. They will dry green and feel just like a paper lantern.

If you want to plant this super fun plant be cautious it is invasive.
They  grow rapidly and will overtake flower beds with ease.
The lantern-shaped pods that encase fruit ( which little creatures love) from the plant emerge from the white flowers that appear in early summer. 
They are a fun decoration during Fall, Halloween and Thanksgiving.


Last Winter I dried almost all my gourds in our basement next to our wood burner and all but two dried beautiful. I have been having so much fun painting them for gifts and my own enjoyment!

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