Tea Party                                    The Very Hungry Caterpillar  Party

Celebrating the life of the ones we love
Our sweet Anna requested a pink flower cake
I wrapped the cake in pink tool and a large silk flower on the top

Our sweet Anna Elise 1st Birthday

When there were three
This precious cake was made by beloved Great Uncle and Aunt

Pony rides from Winston

Pumpkin painting table...This year we combined parties with our son and daughter who's birthdays are a  month apart

While shopping at a local bakery looking for a Birthday cake that was different than a plain sheet cake I became inspired to bake my own. Researching fondant recipes and getting tips from my sister 
( who is a wonderful baker) I am finally starting to feel confidant. Each cake I make is easier and better.

My Fondant Recipe
1cup light corn syrup,1cupShortening(off brand like WalMart works best),1/2tsp.salt,
1tsp. Vanilla(clear),1/4tsp.almond extract,6cups powdered sugar,1cup for kneading
In a stand Mixer with the kneading attachment on... add the first 5 ingredients mix, then add 6 cups powdered sugar. Knead till formed approx.4min
Always frost cake before wrapping in fondant
Do Not try making fondant with out a stand mixer
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Ethan's 5th Star Wars Party
For the cake I used his Lego guys, grey m&m's, rolled fondant into circles, and cut out stars

The horse since it is available to us and the kids love horse rides
How to make a princess Leia dress: get a queen sheet or larger, fold, cut out neck, arms, then sew the seems, tie a belt

I made a Death Star Pinata from a pumpkin pinata that was clearance for $2.00...Black spray paint and chalk
The Clone Trooper was used in place of a blind fold

Our Son Noah's First Birthday Cake
His name is cookie cut outs dipped in chocolate
This cake I wrapped with ribbon

Butter Frosting
7 cups powder sugar 2 cups crisco 2tsp clear vanilla 2tsp butter flavoring extract approx. 6tbs milk
Mix together in mixer...This hardens up beautiful and taste wonderful

Our Happy Birthday Boy
POKEMON Birthday Cake designed and made by Simply Sweet by Jessica

The Family Tree Cake
The tree is made from gum paste and the people are fondant cut outs
This cake was for my father-in laws 65 birthday

Tips for a Successful Party
  1. Pull resources from friends...borrowing instead of buying
  2. A Pinata...Until possibly 8-10yrs...This is always a hit
  3. Photo Invites
  4. Time....LOVE....Time
  5. Dinner name cards                 
This is an easy way to add a personalized touch and to avoid the "Where do I Sit Question?"
while your in the middle of preparation


Cake Pictures

This Cake was the inspiration for my Son's
Star Wars Birthday Cake