Our First Home

1,500sq. Foot Ranch Purchased in 2003 

We were excited about the new house and feared the possibility of having two house payments. Our Home of 6 years went up for Sale By Owner and what a Blessing with three little ones and the first trimester of the fourth I only had to show the Home one day and it SOLD. We closed one Day before we closed on the Bank property. With the contingencies of the buyer wanting immediate occupancy. The foreclosure was not by any means " Move in Ready" , but that did not stop us. We moved into the basement on the day we closed. The first Item we bought from Lowes was a Laundry Tub set. That became my kitchen sink. The washer and dryer off craigslist was my counter and the microwave, grill, and crock pot were my stove. Needless to say Todd ( my husband) felt the push to get working, but it was spring and he was busy with Equine so the first two months were planning
" The Master Plan"

In the Kitchen We painted cupboards and got new hardware. The Hood Todd made with bead board and trim. Counters were the pre made sheets from Home Depot. The Chalkboard was made from an old frame and Chalk spray paint

Half Bath new tile and sink

Back we painted the house because it was two different colors

Large living Room Area

We painted the beams and the wood paneling. We put in trim.
This room before was so dark and dated... I can not wait to get my old pictures scanned in to show of what this house looked like when we purchased it!

DIY white mantel and painted the book self.

Made a sitting area by the kitchen

This bathroom had shag carpet and a green tub, toilet, and the wallpaper was so gross.
New Vanity and double sinks from standard kitchen and bath. New Tile and we tore out a cabinet and put in a freestanding shelf from target.

Full bath

Kids room

Dining room ...yeah my decor taste I think changed for the better....

We laid hardwood floors in the Hallway, Dinning, and Kitchen

Master Bedroom
Does the Furniture look Familiar...I used the same pieces in our new house.
 I simply just painted them a dark brown.
The nursery was designed for our Son but then 13months later came our daughter followed by another daughter.
We just added alittle PINK
We put wallpaper on the bottom and trim rail around the top.
Wall paper was purchased from SEVENS on 29th street.

Our Front Door My most Prized Purchase for this Home
Bought from a Discount Home Improvement Store for $150.00

 Can you believe it all my before pictures are on film? ( yeah I know...What is that?)
I will soon have to post some before and after photo's of the home that sarted the