Monday, May 14, 2012

My Sister's DIY Pallet Furniture Project ( I know she should Blog)

She Made a Pallet Table, a couch, coffee table, and a pallet herb garden
I do not have all the steps but found a great blog  at Life on the Balcony that had the step by step process

I am loving the black and white stripes with with the yellow accents

The Start
My sister bought some of her pallets at Lowes for a dollar ( I think we can all find that in our budget)

She sanded them with an electric sander and fixed the pallets that were in rough shape

She found these awesome wood post to use for the feet of her coffee table at home depot and then stained it with a dark finish

Isn't it so fun!!! I think she could sell these and turn a profit.

And she painted the table with only one coat of paint so it would have a distressed look!