Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Our DIY Built-In Entertainment Center

Before and After

Drawing the design with measurements for a mission style look

Built the frame with shelves 

The walnut we used was from my Grandpa's Farm
Todd planed it into lumber. A Kreg Jig was used for the joints



Thursday, October 2, 2014

All the things to BOO!

Decorating for Halloween can be simple.
If your family is busy it can be hard to find time to do the full display. The first place I start is the fireplace mantel. I feel as though if my mantel is decorated for the season then my domestic responsibility to the holiday has been provided.

I added some burlap and ribbon to my planters

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

The Spooky Hand Halloween Craft

The time has come to start planning the class Halloween Parties for our little students,
 or your own Spooky Party

Kids from Kindergarten to Fifth Grade love this simple craft
I volunteered for a class Halloween party and found this craft was fun and simple for many different ages. I now have used it as the staple craft for every Halloween party.
~Rubber Gloves (I use latex free)
~Sharpie Markers
~ Spider Rings or Stickers
~ Fill with Flour and tie tight

Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Case for Christian Families Attending Public Schools

A Case for Christian Families Attending Public Schools

Public Schools are a choice for Christian Families. Over generations their have been parents in homes and churches where there is an"ONLY OPTION"push to homeschool or attend a Private Christian School. The mindset to empty the public schools of Christians is the reason for writing this post. Public Schools need Christian families in attendance, ACTIVELY involved in caring, participating, and teaching. 

Not to pursue an agenda of cultural sameness, but to embrace people made by our Holy God. 

It is a loss to society to isolate faithful families to one building or homeschool room. Nowhere will you find Jesus isolating himself from the community of the unbelievers, he prays for them, eats with them, and actively loves them. The option to walk beside your children and join community schools is not a lack of faith, it's a LEAP.

- Busy Days Worthwhile

Thursday, October 17, 2013

DIY Wooden Centerpiece Box

This diy wooden box can be made simple or advanced carpentry if you desire. We used no nails and wood glue to hold the frame together. For wood we chose some scrapes from other projects. You could also use walnut, maple, oak, ect...For more advanced carpentry you could dovetail or kraig jig your corners.
Here we are gluing the corners together. You will need clamps to hold it securely overnight.

Dimensions were 5ft long, 3inches long, and 9inches wide.
which still gave room to set plates on the table without removing the box.

The story of the wooden box...One morning our sweet neighbor was walking home with a large piece of wood that she salvaged from her journey. We asked her as she passed if she would like help carrying the lumber home...and she told us about a box she would love to have for her table. We helped her build the box and she sanded, finished, and decorated the centerpiece. So when seasons change she will send me a photo and I will share it with busy days!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Lake Superior Pictured Rocks

Munising Michigan

 Grand Island North Lighthouse
You can hike on the Island and tour the original settlement

Miners Castle

Chapel Rock

If you look close you can see the shadow of a Cowboy


If you enjoy Kayaking this would be a destination to explore

Many unique caves and rocks to climb. Beautiful beaches and waterfalls where the kids can play. The water is so clear and almost turquoise in color.

 Our children have already asked if next year we can go back to the Pictured Rocks.