Friday, September 28, 2012

Starting the Stone Stairs

Where oh where to begin...between painting and reupholstering furniture, decorating for Fall, installing an attic fan, closing the pool, and building the stone stairs...I am not sure what to blog about!
But due to our neighbors being a little tired of looking at the stone pile in our driveway I decided to give them a little eye candy!
Yeah the Stone Pile and my cute little guy Noah...

My Husband is nothing short of Amazing...right!!!
There have been times of some tired anger being tossed my way for coming up with this absolutely crazy project, but we are only about a month away from completing this side of the house...Poor guy...He is such a good sport!
If you have not been following our previous post we are using all Free reclaimed stone and designing as we go.
It is one heavy puzzle.


The arch gate will go at the bottom step to close off the pool area. By next summer all my pool friends can just walk around the side of the house. No more wet feet on the wood floors!
I think you might be figuring our why our blog is called Busy Days Worthwhile... It's a ton of work but it is so rewarding watching your vision for a project become reality!