Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Time to Clear the Area for our Future Backyard Vineyard and Garden

The Plan
Every plant and tree on the other side of the fence is being removed. The fence will also be taken out and replaced with a stone wall with an arched gate that will follow the perimeter of our property.  The large brick patio area will be taken out for the raised garden beds ( which we plan on making out of the extra stone.) The brick removed will be used to make paths around the beds.

We used a GMC Envoy and a large tow strap to pull out the trees.

Here we are... We have extremely sandy soil so all the trees and roots pulled out easy...

We transplanted this beautiful 14ft. pine. It is living happy in it's new place.
How did we manage this...?
We first dug the hole where we desired the pine tree to go and added some of the soil from the trees previous position. Dug a hole around the tree and pulled it out with a tow strap. Slipped it on a tarp and then with the the car pulled it as close to the new location as possible....We pulled it down a hill and then set in place with some three post.... WATER WATER WATER....and a little luck!

Previous landscape is removed and we are ready for the next step