Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Building Our Stone Wall with all Reclaimed Stone

Our FREE Reclaimed Stone...See full story from previous post
 Our local recycling plant

 Clearing the area for our future backyard vineyard and raised stone garden beds
The first three layers of wall will be underground and sand placed for proper drainage. You can also use a large layer of pepple stone under the wall for drainage. We have sandy soil, but if you are on clay or soil that does not drain well I would use the pepple stone.

We have had some much needed help from close friends and family.

We went to Home depot and bought a pallet of mortar

The curve that will connect the new wall to the existing wall

This will all be berried so we used the " unfavored stone"

Placing the Large stone

The backside is being built first and we will face the front.

Facing the front side

What Every Project Needs

Smoothing out the mortar lines

Every Project could not be completed with out the help of our energetic kids! They Love helping Daddy and being part of making a house their HOME

We will be placing a retaining wall and stairs here with a gate. We will then be planting dwarf fruit trees along the side of the house....all in TIME of course

The Drill used to drill a hole through the cap of the stone wall. We will be placing copper pipe all around the perimeter for the grapes to grow.

Placing the cap on the stone wall.

Seeing progress

This is taking us many more hours than expected...
But sometime inbetween four kids, a full time job, and enjoying the water we have managed to get this Far...
Maybe by winter this side of the house will be complete!