Friday, June 8, 2012

Salvaged Patio Stone Pavers Free from a Concrete Recycling Company

We scored one major FREE find for our future backyard vineyard project and some landscape stairs
This is going to be a slow project, but we will eventually get there...

We had been looking for stone to build a wall, stairs, and a few raised flower beds. It was adding up quick at our local DIY Hardware stores so that option quickly became a NO...So being the great writer of the honey-do list I started to brainstorm some different options...We have walls on our lot that are made out of recycled concrete...So we decided to match what was there and headed off to our local recycling plant to find they had just had a huge load of unwanted pavers dumped off....WOW...A ton of work paid off!!!!
Concrete recycling
When structures made of concrete are demolished or renovated, recycling is a common method of utilizing the unwanted concrete.

We are sporting some major muscles over here...Who needs a personal trainer when you have a wife!