Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Getting a Vintage look with a New Door

Pre-Stain wood conditioner, Dark Walnut Stain, Hand Rubbed Polyurethane

We wanted our doors to have the charm of an older home

1. We used MINWAX pre-stain to prepare the bare wood for staining
2. We waited 15 minutes to stain

To achieve the look we wanted all the doors needed to be hand rubbed
You can use a paint sprayer to stain unfinished doors if you desire your doors to have more even color.
( When you have doors to stain it is easier to spray them, but it does have a different look)
Every home has it's own design plan and for our doors we liked a variation in the color.
3. We hand rubbed three coats of Dark Walnut Stain to get the rich darkness we were looking for.
It takes a few days between each coat to dry completely.

4. Once the doors were dry we used three coats of hand rubbed Polyurethane.

Our Hand rubbed stain doors.