Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Case for Christian Families Attending Public Schools

A Case for Christian Families Attending Public Schools

Public Schools are a choice for Christian Families. Over generations their have been parents in homes and churches where there is an"ONLY OPTION"push to homeschool or attend a Private Christian School. The mindset to empty the public schools of Christians is the reason for writing this post. Public Schools need Christian families in attendance, ACTIVELY involved in caring, participating, and teaching. 

Not to pursue an agenda of cultural sameness, but to embrace people made by our Holy God. 

It is a loss to society to isolate faithful families to one building or homeschool room. Nowhere will you find Jesus isolating himself from the community of the unbelievers, he prays for them, eats with them, and actively loves them. The option to walk beside your children and join community schools is not a lack of faith, it's a LEAP.

- Busy Days Worthwhile