Friday, November 2, 2012

The Creme Brulee of Butternut Squash Recipes

Perfect for your Thanksgiving Celebration

I have many many request for this dish.
It has had raved reviews from many who will not touch a Squash Dish!

The history behind this dish
I was in the Upper Peninsula and my Mom had two squash and only a couple of the ingredients in the recipe I wanted to make...(stores are at least 30 minutes away) so we got creative and the wonderful thing is it has all practical ingredients that you would have in your pantry.

This dish will store for about 3-4days in your fridge till your ready to bake. I always like to bake ahead and in bulk ( as you can see above) I make about 4-5 dishes at a time bake and freeze them. Frozen it takes 1hour at 350 to heat back up.
Cover for the first 30 minutes so the top does not burn.