Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ordering Our Grape Vines and Fruit Trees

Ordering our grapes and dwarf fruit trees for our home orchard was not as simple as I planned. I had researched the grapes and their hardiness to our zones. We chose table grapes for our vineyard and dwarf trees with their cultivars for our Orchard. Dwarf fruit trees tend to grow about 40% of the full size fruit trees. So with little space they should work perfect! We ordered them in early spring from Smith Nursery because in order to ship them they need to be dormant. They had the selection I was looking for, but the quality was so POOR. We recieved our plants via free shipping all bunched together in one small box with mold growing on the roots. It was hard to contact this company and they would not give a refund. They said they will replace them next Spring, but I do not trust that in a year I will ever recieve my product. I do not recomend this company and will now be looking for a local orchard.
Here is my Orderd Items and what I am looking for. It will be fun for the kids and a great investment for years to come.
Himrod Seedless Wine Grape Vines
Mars Seedless Grape Vines
Pink Reliance Grape Vines - Seedless avail.
 Vanessa Seedless Grape Vines
Concord Grape Vines - Seedless avail.
Dwarf Cherry Trees
These cherries self pollinate and do not need a cultivar.
Governor Wood Cherry Trees - Dwarf avail.
Tree Height:
Dwarf 2-3ft (grows 40% normal size)
Black Tartarian Cherry Trees - Sweet - Dwarf avail.
Tree Height:
Dwarf 2-3ft (grows 40% normal size)
Bing Cherry Trees - Sweet - Dwarf avail.
Tree Height:
Dwarf 2-3ft (grows 40% normal size)
Dwarf Peach Trees with their Cultivars
Red Haven Peach Trees - Dwarf avail.
 Elberta Peach Trees - Dwarf avail.

Dwarf Apple Trees with their Cultivars 
HoneyCrisp Apple Trees - Dwarf avail.

Goldrush Apple Trees - Dwarf avail.

Gala Apple Trees - Dwarf avail.

Dwarf Pear Trees with their Cultivars
Bartlett Pear Trees - Dwarf avail.
Duchess Pear Trees - Dwarf avail.

A great site for growing apples in a home orchard is they give visual step by step examples on pruning and caring for your apple trees. If your looking to invest in fruit trees just be sure to do your research.
Aslo if you are looking to grow grapes for home use check out this site.