Monday, February 6, 2012

Wood Burning Insert Installed and saving us $$$

We selected the Olympic ( Avalon) fireplace insert with cast black door and extended onto the hearth, it also
provided a handy cook-top surface.
It's firebox size is 3.1cubic foot and Log size is up to 24".
74,300 BTU/hr
Heats up to 2,500 square feet ( True)
Burn Time 12 hours ( this is False...ours max is actually 7hours)
Overall we have been very pleased with our choice although we did have to get the fan replaced.
The pay off was when our propane provider came to fill our tank and left due to the fact it was still full!!!!
(Installation post still to come....that was fun!)

Before it was open with a fan system which we had to cut out when installing the insert

Basement Progress

Small hallway

Play area