Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Reupholstoring a Bench (anyone can do this simple DIY project)

A simple way to update a chair, bench, Footstool, and any other outdated fabric decor
Reupholster it yourself with any fabric you fancy!
If you can wrap a present then you have the skill to tackle a DIY upholstering project!

This is a Lane Cedar Chest from one of our neighbors garage sales
I looked beyond the dated fabric to see the true potential of this old chest.

We removed the seat cushion

We ironed our fabric and applied two coats of Scotch Guard fabric protector
( Do not skip this step)

The cushion was still in great shape so we just covered over the old fabric
Before you staple make sure the fabric is in place so it does not look off-centered

Secure the fabric in the middle of each side with one staple, then continue going around the perimeter
Wrap your corners like a present, if it does not look right pop up the staples and give it another shot.

We use it as a coffee table/ footstool
It works great for storing blankets, books, ect...