Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Reader's Review on Saving Money Burning Wood instead of Propane

Busy Days Worthwhile,
I was checking your blog (as I do almost every day) and I saw your post on the thermostat.   We are also on propane and we went the efficient fireplace route.    We took our 500 gallon propane pig which was filled at least 3 times during the winter and now I think we can operate the entire year on one tank and that's with a gas stove, hot water heater, and dryer.

Anyway,  I'm not sure what you're looking for exactly, but We looked around for a long time and we found one that heats our entire 3,000 square foot plus house, and we hardly ever run our furnace in the winter.   We actually open our windows more in the winter than we do in the summer.    The fireplace that came with the house was a cheap manufactured one located in the center of the house (so no chimney stack visible).   We didn’t' put in an "insert"  which is what a lot of people think it is.  The fireplace guys actually took our fireplace out and put this new one in.   They have lots of styles, cast iron, stand alone, etc.   I wanted a more modern look and wanted to SEE the fire so I was really picky.   We tiled around it and put in a new wood mantle.   I've attached a picture of it (sort of). 
I apologize that one of our large dogs is  blocking most of it.    

I believe the brand was Cozy Heat, but I'm checking with my husband.    Anyway, just an option out there.   It's expensive, but with what we've saved in propane bills we paid for it in at least the first two years, maybe even the first winter. 
We love it, I guess I just wanted to share that it's worth it.    Happy fireplace hunting!
They did a Fabulous job choosing an efficient way to heat with out sacrificing the appearance of the beauty of a fire.
Thank you for sharing your positive experience!

That is exactly what we are looking for...The style the reader choose I love and would be perfect!
I can just see it now...cozy warm! The hunt is on...