Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Installing the toilet and the Flush Valve Kit

Back to the seemingly endless Master Bathroom Project...

  Turn off the water supply at the shutoff valve and plug the drain opening with a rag to keep sewer gases in the pipes
 ( you will know if you forget this step)
Wax Ring
The "no-seep" wax ring size will vary with the size of the flange. Be sure to purchase the proper size. A 3-inch neck will fit a 3-inch closet elbow, and a 4-inch neck will fit a 4-inch closet elbow. If the closet elbow is 4 inches and the neck is 3 inches in diameter, purchase a 4×3 reducer. If the flange is positioned below floor level, buy a double-thick ring.

If you're reusing the old flange, replace the 31⁄2-inch flange bolts. Purchase two 31⁄2-inch-long closet bolts. If you're replacing the flange, it must be screwed into a wooden floor. Use self-tapping concrete screws for concrete.

Here Todd is spray painting the on/off valve and the toilet connector
Install the Shut off Valve
Set the valve over the compression ring and draw the nut to it.
Tighten the nut until hand-tight. Use two adjustable wrenches to
tighten until snug - one to hold back the valve and the other to tighten the compression nut.

Place the wax ring on the flange
Set the toilet over the anchor bolts and sit on the toilet, rocking it back and forth to seat the wax ring.
Slip a washer over the closet bolt. With a wrench tighten the nuts against the washer.

Silicone the toilet in place. We put a thin layer on the bottom of the toilet before placing it on the wax ring. Then Todd filled any gaps with a silicone filled syringe

Once we had the toilet installed we realized that after being stored in the garage all winter the flush valve cracked
 so back to the hardware store where we purchased a Toilet Flush Valve Kit