Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Building the Mirror Frame

Before                                                                           After

For the mirror Frame we used Bamboo Hardwood Floor

Once we had decided on the size and got the measurements it was time to cut

Drilled holes for the faucets

Titebond  is the only wood glue Todd will use!

Glue together the seams and clamp till dry

He put silicone around the frame then we set in the mirror

Brackets were used for addition strength to hold the mirror together
While screwing on the brackets the tape Todd used to measure the depth slid and here was the result when we turned the mirror over...Back to step one...

Here we are with the newly made frame. Due to the design of the bathroom we desired to have the mirror up tight to the wall and secure. Todd pre drilled holes and screwed mirror to the studs then made plugs for the holes and used a stain pen to match the color

Faucets are ready to be installed