Thursday, August 18, 2011

Our Master Bathroom Project

Master Bath Before
My job is creating the design "Master Plan"
This bathroom is narrow so to open it up we will be removing walls and Shower insert
We removed the 1/4 wall to make the shower area larger
I decided on a tile shower and glass wall because Todd can make it look beautiful
We took out the wall, vanity and pedistal sink and will be inserting a custom vanity ( built by Todd)
With double vessel bowls and faucets mounted on the wall
Because of the room being narrow for the floor I chose a versailles pattern to give the look of length

Start Date December 27th 2010
Estimated Finish Date September 24th 2011
The greenish yellow shower is now gone
He took out the wall separating the vanity and shower area
Some Drywall tools

Our Little Man Loves to Help
Drywall is one of the DIY projects Todd hates and would highly recommend having it hired out
He Purchased a Do-It yourself drywall book

The shower

Chosen Shower tile from the Tile shop

Getting Ready to Tile