Saturday, July 2, 2011

Travertine BackSplash

Measure the area before you go to purchase tile. A sales associate will be able to tell you how much to purchase. You can rent a tile Saw from Kingsland True Value in Grand Rapids.
Or purchase one from Lowes, Home Depot, The Tile Shop...ect.  Check out The Tile Shops Selection of Travertine
  1. You Need to score the walls where you are going to apply mastic and wash them.
    Mastic is a non-slip high performance, smooth spreading mortar formulated for interior installation of all types of ceramic wall & floor tile. Mastic is non-flammable, freeze-thaw stable to 10ºF, and exceeds ANSI-A-136.1 Type 1 specifications.
  2. Follow instructions ( this is premixed)
  3. make sure you have your measurements and cut tiles
  4. apply mastic evenly to the wall
  5. Place tiles
  6. let dry approx 24hours
  7. Grout
  8. wash down ( this is a process about 7-10x)
  9. Use a sealer...Natural Stone is porous and can stain.